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6 Cloud-Based Apps And Services That Help Small Businesses

When it comes to competing in the market or industry they reside in, small businesses should be doing everything they can to close the gap between themselves and larger competitors. There are plenty of advantages that small businesses have – such as the ability to offer a more personalized service, and being able to adapt and pivot in response to change – but in order to be able to work those advantages, they need to be operating as efficiently as possible SEO Services Blackpool.

We spoke with a London-based IT company with a long history of working with small businesses. TechQuarters have specialised business IT support London-based SMBs have been using for nearly 13 years now, and as an SMB themselves, they know all about the strategies and solutions that can help level the playing field. We discussed cloud apps & services with them – including why small businesses should consider them, and some examples of products.

Why Are Cloud Apps & Services Good for Small Business?

Cloud computing has enacted some of the biggest changes to the way business operate since the turn of the century. With regards to applications and other digital services, the cloud enables users to access these types of resources from anywhere, at any time. So, for example where software like Microsoft Word or Excel would originally have to be installed onto a specific device, and could only be used on said device, nowadays those same pieces of software can be accessed on multiple platforms, including web-browser. According to TechQuarters, many small businesses migrate to cloud apps because of that flexibility that is offered; employees can work wherever they are, and whenever they need to. Plus, cloud apps are more cost effective (you don’t pay for them upfront, and you receive rolling updates).

Cloud Apps & Services for SMBs to Consider

So, thanks to the advancements in cloud computing, small businesses now have access to cost-effective, flexible digital services and software that can help them operate more efficiently. Below are four examples of cloud apps / services for SMBs.

  1. ClickUp

One of the ways that small businesses can improve their operations with cloud apps is by utilizing a cloud-based project management solution. ClickUp is a well-known and popular productivity tool which offers a diverse set of features.

Within ClickUp, individuals, teams and managers can plan a project, assign tasks, and track progress. Companies have used it for all kinds of projects – including creating marketing campaigns, development projects, change management, and more. It is supposed on mobile and desktop systems, and in all web browsers.

  • Xero

Using a complete digital accounting solution is one of the best ways that small businesses can make their work easier and save time. Xero is one of the most trusted cloud-based accounting software products within the small business community.

Like ClickUp, it is available across mobile, desktop and web, and it offers small businesses all the tools they need to manage their finances. The platform also integrates with over 1,000 other third-party apps.

  • HubSpot

Customer relationship management is a way for small businesses to optimize the practices and strategies they use to improve business relationships.

HubSpot is a well-known CRM platform that helps organisations manage the communication channels they use with customers and potential customers; it also offers an easy way to collect and analyse customer and market data, which can greatly help small businesses improve their approach to marketing and sales.

  • Microsoft 365

There are a diverse array of daily tasks and processes that small businesses need to be able to undertake efficiently. Microsoft 365 is designed to be able to accomplish nearly all the daily work within a business.

Microsoft 365 includes a range of apps and services – all of which are cloud-based and interconnected. For instance, SharePoint provides cloud-based information sharing, collaboration, and file management – TechQuarters, who specialise in SharePoint consultancy, recommend this product especially. As well as this, it includes Microsoft Teams, a unified communications platform that proved invaluable for many businesses during periods of remote-only working.

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