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Insurtech Startup Sunday Raises $45m Series B Round Funding Led By Tencent

Bangkok-based startup firm Sunday has raised a $45 million funding Series B round. In this series B funding round Tencent led the funding and other investment comes through the investors like Vertex Growth, Vertex Ventures, Granite Oak, Quona, Aflac Ventures and Z Venture Capital, Etc. As per Sunday 45m series tencentshutechcrunch.

Sunday Group, as one of the trustworthy and leading Insurtech firm from bankok. Everybody is decided to sponsor this project by giving motor insurance for the whole trip, initially from when the car enters Thailand’s border. As all may know, driving such a long trip could consist in some roadside accidents.

For this particular project, Sunday is the sole insurer and broker company that has supported this fantastic trip! To believe that health, safety, and the environment are something that stays together with each other. With better surroundings comes better health, and our vision and mission are to care about people and be helpful.

About Insurtech Startup Company Sunday

Sunday is a fully-integrated sales and services Insurance that uses artificial intelligence and digital platforms to offer made-to-order insurance products and services that suit all individual and business risks. To reinvent the insurance value chain, the business provides its end-to-end solutions via its partners and proprietary distribution channels.

The company doubled its revenue growth at 100%, serving a total of 1.6 million customers with these over 90,000 current health members from its banking, manufacturing, retailers, and services sectors. Aside from this, the company distributes subscription-based mobile phone care and insurance through its partners.

Sunday Insurtech Affordable and Customizable.

Sunday offers flexible pricing for every pocket. Only pay for what you need as an alternative to buying standardized, pre-packaged products. Purchase individual health and other insurance solutions online directly from them. Offers provided by Sunday are customizable health, motor insurance, and wellness benefits to your employees through Sunday Health for Business, our employee welfare program for corporations.

Sunday’s Hussle Free Control and Natural App

Sunday puts you in control with our hassle-free and natural super app that helps you manage your coverage and claims and access membership civil liberties and digital healthcare services whenever you wish. Let us know the damages to your car over and done with our e-claims feature. Chat with us for health advice or speak to a doctor anytime and anywhere through your account on our fantastic app.

It’s Safe and Sustainable Living.

Having care selections is excellent but is it enough? Virtual primary care through teleconsultation with doctors and specialists, prescribed medication orders, and delivery services are not built up for all our members to increase the speed of care services to you. Because the way of life and environment increase our exposure to chronic conditions and work towards providing ongoing care and support to take suitable steps to improve our health.

Sunday is an insurance tools service provider on a mission to control the lives of our valued customers positively. Be it healthcare, car, travel, or gadgets, we are committed to providing a simple and enjoyable experience with insurance.

You believe that everyone around the globe should have the right to live sustainably with access to affordable quality healthcare and means to protect their most valued and important assets that are flexible and customizable to individual lifestyles and demands. Constructed on this vision are data and technology – The makings of Sunday’s DNA. Insurance for yourself, your family, and your businesses can be easily accepted and activated anytime and anywhere directly with us, through key systems, or simply through referrals.

Primary care for your health and assets can be accessed remotely and financed through insurance coverage deduction from your smartphone. You are permitted by virtual and reliable risk management services that will give you peace of mind in the ever-changing surroundings. More than just a typical insurance provider that pays your claims, Sunday is fully committed to making a positive influence on your daily life and businesses.

Expanding Capital

Capital raised will be used to increase its retail product suite comprising health insurance, protection for electronics, and motor insurance over and done with its online platform to its existing health members, corporate and SME clients, and partners. Consciousness for health insurance will continue to increase, and we believe more consumers will be open to shopping for insurance online.

Sunday plans to expand our platform architecture to offer retail insurance to our health members and partners while continuing to grow our portfolio in Thailand and Indonesia. Sunday insurance is honored to have our investors on board to help us achieve our plans as a data and tech-driven player in Asia.

Supporting Future

A turnkey solutions system integrator for EV charging had their Singaporean team drive a Tesla starting from Singapore through Malaysia, finally arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, to join their Thai team. The way spanned 2014 km over four days with team members. The goal was to make the possibilities of sustainable transportation evident and shed light on an electric drive’s opportunities and challenges.

With that objective in mind, the team hoped to draw consciousness to the existing EV charging infrastructure and the long-range proof of concept, hopefully inspiring public confidence and signaling. To start of an environment-friendly mode of transportation for a cross-country travel trend in the future. 


Double up the whole thing. If you used to spend two hours a day to lead into and align, then spend four hours when you work remotely. It is very easy to miss connect or have misalignment when using email, Zoom, or Slack. As a manager, it is your job to ensure Sundays sail in the same direction.

Freedom Comes With Good Discipline

Set guidelines and rules to start the day and end the day. Instruction to start the day will ignite the team to start thinking, “what do I have to complete today” then, their brain will start working by design. It will also become their to-do list at present. Make the team says three things they want to complete today on VIRTUAL CALL. End the day with a rapid check-in, up to your convenience, either call or type, to recheck the effort.

Make Sure Yourself Is Always Available

No matter what occurs, you need to be available. Make sure you have all the necessary apps on your phone or laptop. Make sure your effort and your team’s work are accessible on the cloud 24/7. Make sure your strategies and device have enough juice, or you may need spare batteries. Missing out one hour will cause a lot of difficulties for the team and others ahead of you in your decisions. 

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