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What Is Jayda Wayda Famous For: Bio, Age, Education, Kids, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Jayda Wayda Biography

· Jayda Wayda is a social media star and entrepreneur from the US.

· Jayda Wayda has millions of subscribers on her social media platforms.

Also known as Jayda Chaves, is a successful businesswoman, social media influencer, and writer. She was born in Savannah, Georgia on September 25, 1997, and later moved to Atlanta for her career. She is also known by the names Jayda Ayanna, Amour Jayda, and Jayda Chaves. On her website,

Jayda offers a range of goods, including clothing,

Solawave skincare products, hair treatments, and accessories for hair. Jayda is of African-American descent.

Family Of Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda hails from Savannah, Georgia in the United States. While her father remains unknown, her mother’s name is Tricia Chaves. Jayda has two siblings, a brother named Len and a sister named Ameerah. Len is a social media personality and Ameerah is a beauty expert.

How educated is Jayda Wayda?

Also known for being a successful entrepreneur, YouTube star, and owner of Amour Jayda LLC,

Jayda Wayda attended Windsor Forest High School and is known for her creativity. She is well-known for her popular YouTube channel and has a large following. According to a source, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.

Does she have a boyfriend?

People are more interested in her boyfriend as millions of queries come every day on social media. Jayda Wayda was before in a relationship with renowned rapper Lil Baby. The couple welcomed a baby boy after being together for a while. Lil Baby also has a son from a previous relationship, but the name of that child has not been made public. The couple was together for a few years before they broke up and Jayda is currently not dating anyone. This might bring some relief to millions of her male admirers. Are you also one of them?

Social media presence

Jayda Wayda is well-known for her social media presence, particularly her YouTube channel which has a large following. She started her YouTube channel in 2018 and has gained over 370K subscribers and over 11 million views as of January 2023.

On her channel, she shares videos about her family. Jayda also has a strong presence on Twitter, where she has over 515K followers, and on Instagram, where she has over 6 million followers. According to her bio, she is an entrepreneur.

Role model for many

Since launching her career, Jayda Wayda has been active on Instagram and has amassed over a million followers. Her success has allowed her to follow her passion for fashion, beauty,

and hair care, leading her to start her own company that offers clothing, beauty products, and hair care items. She has had particularly great success with her cosmetics and hair care offerings. Jayda Wayda serves as an inspiration to young women who aspire to fulfill their dreams and become entrepreneurs.

Jayda Wayda’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Jayda Wayda’s net worth in 2021 was around US$ 4 million, although this has not been confirmed. She began her entrepreneurial journey by selling clothes on the app and website Poshmark, and as her business grew, she took over Amour Jayda LLC. Jayda also owns her own website.


Jayda Wayda has achieved so much at such an early age proving that one can achieve anything with hard work and passion. She catapulted herself into international fame by dint of her ability to harness and hone her talent. Jayda Wayda pursued what she was passionate about and did not let whatever obstacles came her way derail her from her focus. She established herself as a social media star, an entrepreneur, and also as an inspiration to millions like her.

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