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Frequently Asked Questions

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Adjusting the Morphiis Mattress
  • Why Is the Morphiis Mattress Better Than Other Mattresses?

    Almost all other mattresses offer one firmness for the entire mattress and each sleeper. 90% of all sleep partners have different firmness preferences. The Morphiis is the first affordable mattress in which individual sleepers can adjust the firmness on each side of the mattress and adjust the firmness of each body region on her/ his side to achieve maximum pressure relief.

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  • How Can a Mattress Be Adjustable? Is It Easy?

    Our new patent-pending design has interchangeable comfort inserts which are firm, medium and soft. A total of 36 comfort inserts are included with each Morphiis mattress. There are 64 options each sleeper can choose from. It is straightforward to adjust for your personalized comfort and takes just a few minutes. Fill in the questionnaire on the site and we will recommend 2 options that are customized for you and your sleep-partner.

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  • How Do I Adjust My Morphiis Mattress

    When you unzip and lay back the cover, you will see 12 comfort inserts inside, six on each side (6 only for the Twin mattress). 36 inserts are provided, 12 firm, 12 medium and 12 soft (18 for the Twin, 6 of each firmness). The inserts are color coded (firm are white, medium are blue and soft are yellow). Just remove and replace the inserts on each side for your desired comfort and zip up the cover.

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  • What if I Want My Side Firmer or Softer Than My Partner’s Side?

    If one sleeper wants all firm, she/he would remove and replace all inserts on that side with white inserts. If the other sleeper wants all soft, replace with all yellow inserts, or with all blue inserts for medium firmness.

  • What if I Want My Shoulder or Hip Region to Be Softer?

    You would just remove/replace the shoulder or hip inserts with the soft (yellow) inserts in those areas.

  • Can I Place the Inserts Anywhere I Want for My Personal Comfort?

    Yes, just place the inserts in any configuration that makes you most comfortable.

  • How Do I Adjust My Morphiis Mattress if I Am a Back Sleeper?

    Submit your responses to our questionnaire on this website and we will provide 2 insert recommendations. CLICK HERE

  • How Do I Adjust My Morphiis Mattress if I Am a Side Sleeper?

    Submit your responses to our questionnaire on this website and we will provide 2 insert recommendations. CLICK HERE

  • How Do I Adjust My Morphiis Mattress if I Am a Stomach Sleeper?
    Submit your responses to our questionnaire on this website and we will provide 2 insert recommendations. CLICK HERE
  • What if I Need a Softer or Firmer Area to Accommodate an Injury?

    Just arrange the soft inserts (YELLOW) to relieve the pressure on the injured region.

  • Can I Place Firm Inserts Next to Soft Inserts to Increase Support in Certain Areas?


  • Can My Morphiis Mattress Help Relieve Hip Bursitis When I’m Side Sleeping?

    Yes, just place the soft inserts (YELLOW) in the hip area.

  • Can My Morphiis Mattress Provide Lumbar Support if I’m a Back Sleeper?

    Yes, just place the firm insert (WHITE) under the lumbar area.

The Morphiis Mattress.
  • What Kind of Foundation Should Be Used With Morphiis?

    Any box spring, firm foundation, platform or slatted base will work. If a slatted base is used, a maximum of 3” between slats is recommended.

  • Can I Use My Morphiis Mattress on an Adjustable Base?

    Absolutely! It is designed for it, and we have an excellent, affordable adjustable base available separately.

  • How Does the 100-night Trial Period Work?

    If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of your money. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • What Is the Morphiis Mattress Warranty?
  • Can I Use a Mattress Protector on My Morphiis Mattress?

    Yes. The protectors with elastic corner straps are best to prevent “trampolining” by the protector.

  • Are There Any Harmful Chemicals in My Morphiis Mattress?

    No. It is CertiPur-U.S. Certified.

  • Is There a Break-in Period for My Morphiis Mattress?

    Just like with any new purchase, it takes getting used to. If you have been previously sleeping on a sagging mattress or one that was too firm it may take your spine a few nights to adjust. Try each firmness configuration for at least 3 to 4 nights before making a determination

  • What Are the Sizes and Prices of the Morphiis Mattress?
  • Why Is the Morphiis Mattress Less Expensive Than Mattresses Sold in Stores?

    We sell directly to the consumer eliminating distributor and retailer margins and overhead, and we do not use memory foam or latex.

  • What Is the Maximum Weight Per Person for the Morphiis Mattress?

    It is designed to accommodate 250 lbs. per person. Maybe a little more if you use the firm inserts.

  • Can You Ship Outside the U.s.?

    Just to Canada right now.

  • What Is the Refund Policy if I Am Not Satisfied?
  • How Long Can I Expect My Morphiis to Last?

    We offer a 25-year limited warranty, By keeping the extra inserts you can significantly increase the life of the mattress

  • Is There a Telephone Number I Can Call or an Email I Can Send With Technical Questions?

    support@personalizedsleepsolutions.com or 833-698-6773 (833-mytopper)

The Morphiis Pillow
  • What Makes the Morphiis Pillow So Special?

    It is the world’s first pillow which can be adjusted for height and firmness, allowing for personalized comfort unlike any other pillow currently on the market.

  • Why Is Height Adjustability Important?

    Whether sleeping on your stomach, side or back, people require personalized pillow heights for comfort and alignment. For example, sleeping on your side needs a higher pillow to accommodate the shoulder/neck offset, where back lying may require less height. It lets YOU control your comfort. Remember, an uncomfortable pillow can ruin an otherwise good night’s sleep.

  • How Much Height Adjustability Is Does the Morphiis Pillow Provide?

    Nominally, from 3” to 8”.

  • What Is the Size of the Pillow?

    The Queen is 18”x 24”. The King is 18”x 36”.

  • How Can I Adjust the Morphiis Pillow Firmness?

    See the instruction manual or visit our website.

  • Does the Morphiis Pillow “sleep Hot”?


  • Is There a Comfort Trial Period?
  • What Is the Warranty?
  • What Is the Return Policy if I Am Not Satisfied?
  • Can You Ship Outside the U.S.??

    Just to Canada.

  • How Can I Clean/wash My Morphiis Pillow?

    Please read the instruction manual

  • Will My Morphiis Pillow Fit Into a Standard or King Size Pillow Case?

    Depending on the height you want.

  • What Is the Morphiis Pillow Made of? Chemicals?

    The ‘case’ is 100% cotton. The Morph>IT layers are soft microfil, and two layers are varying firmness memory foam

  • Is the Morphiis Pillow Hypo-allergenic?


The Morphiis Topper Plus
  • What Makes the Perfect Pressure Topper Plus Better Than Other Toppers?

    All other toppers are a slab of foam with a constant thickness which cannot accommodate the body’s contours without creating excessive pressure on the hip and shoulder. They are also 'one-firmness-fits-all’, so you and your sleep partner cannot customize and personalize the firmness of your choice. The Morphiis is sculpted on the bottom to reduce the pressure on the hip and shoulder while supporting the torso and leg areas for improved alignment. It also allows you to adjust the firmness on each side of the bed.

  • How Do I Adjust the Firmness of My Topper Plus?
  • How Do I Customize One Side to Be Different Than the Other Side?
  • How Do I Know Which Firmness Setting Is Right for Me?

    You should start out with all of the comfort-inserts. If after 3 to 4 nights you find it uncomfortable, start by removing one comfort-insert and repeat this process until you find a firmness you like. Depending on your height and build, the shoulder inserts should be tried in different slots to find your optimum shoulder and neck comfort, or left out altogether for the least shoulder pressure. Don’t forget the hip comfort-insert.

  • Will the Topper Plus Improve the Comfort of My Mattress Even if the Mattress Is Relatively New?

    Yes. All pressure tests conducted on the Morphiis Topper Plus resulted in dramatically reduced pressure on the shoulder and hip, even on brand new mattresses

  • Will the Topper Reduce/eliminate My Shoulder or Hip Pain?

    Excessive shoulder and hip pressure is an aggravating side effect of many types of shoulder and hip pain, including hip bursitis and shoulder soreness. Depending on the cause of the pain, the reduction in pressure should help in most cases.

  • What Are the Topper Plus Prices?
  • What Are the Dimensions and Weight of Each Topper Size?

    All toppers are 3” thick. Nominal dimensions are:

    Twin – 38” x 75.”

    Full – 54” x 75.”

    Queen – 60” x 80."

    King (Eastern) – 76” x 80.”

  • What Material Is the Topper Plus Made of?

    The topper is made of a proprietary blend of high density polyurethane we call, UltraFoam, which exceeds all U.S. health standards. It has been specially blended for its properties of resilience, longevity and comfort. The cover is 98% polyester with 2% Spandex.

  • Does the Foam Have an Odor?

    All foams, including latex, have an initial odor. This odor usually dissipates as it outgasses over a period of several days or weeks. These odors (VOC’s) are required to be non-toxic by federal law.

  • Will the Topper Plus Sleep Hot?

    Many foams, notably memory foam, sleep hotter than others. Our UltraFoamtm is temperature-neutral for most people.

  • Can I Use the Topper Plus on Any Mattress or Futon?


  • What Is the Return Policy for the Topper Plus?
  • Do I Need to Keep the Box to Return the Topper Plus?

    You DO NOT need to return the topper in its original box. You can re-use the plastic bag it comes in or even use a large garbage bag to send it back to us. Be sure to fold numerous times before you tape to minimize postal costs.

  • What Is the Warranty for the Topper Plus?
  • Can I Wash the Topper Plus Cover?

    Yes, unzip and remove the cover. Wash in cold water with mild detergent only and machine or air dry (no high heat).

The Morphiis Adjustable Bed Frame
  • What Are the Morphiis Adjustable Bed Sizes?


  • What Is the Cost of Each Size?
  • What Is a Split King?

    A Split-King is composed of 2 TWIN XL frames with 2 TWIN XL mattresses placed side-by-side so each sleeper can adjust their side to a position they most desire. You can put a full king-size mattress on the TWIN XL bases but you will lose the ability to adjust each side separately.

  • How Much Does Each Size Weigh When Packaged?

    The TWIN XL is 121 lbs. The Queen is 158 lbs. The King is two TWIN XLs, so it is double the TWIN XL weight.

  • Is There a Weight (Load) Limit for the Bed Frame?

    700 lbs.

  • Is the Remote Control Already Synched to the Bed Frame?

    Yes. See instruction manual.

  • Will the Bed Frame Work With Any Mattress or Just the Morphiis Mattress?

    It will work for any mattress made for an adjustable bed frame.

  • What Is the Warranty??
  • What Is the Return Policy?
  • What Contact Information Can You Give Me in Case My Questions Are Not Answered Here?

    support@mymorphiis.com or 1-833-698-8677 (833-mytopper)

Shipping Questions
  • Do I Pay for Shipping?

    No. It is included in our prices unless you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and individual locations in Canada.

  • Do I Need to Pay Taxes?

    We do charge sales taxes where the law mandates it.

  • How Big Is the Box for Each Size Mattress?

    Our mattresses come in a re-usable polyester bag.

  • How Long Does It Take for the Mattress to Expand to Its Normal Size?

    Once you open your Morphiis mattress from the sealed vac-pac packaging, it may take a few hours to a full day for it to fully expand, breathe and adjust to your room’s temperature. You can sleep on it almost immediately. Remember, a new mattress is a significant change for your body, so it may take several nights or more to get used to it.

  • Do You Ship Outside the Usa and Canada?

    Not yet, but stay tuned!

  • Do You Ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico?

    Yes, but there is an up-charge for shipments to these locations and specific locations in Canada.

  • When Can I Expect to Receive My Mattress?

    Depending on where you live, it should take 5 to 7 days.

Return Policy and Warranty Questions
  • How Do I Return the Mattress if I Am Not Satisfied?
  • What Is the Warranty on the Mattress?
  • Do I Need to Keep the Box?


Set Up Questions
  • What Type of Box-spring or Foundation Can I Use?

    If you decide not to put the mattress directly on the floor, we recommend a more modern and rigid foundation. More recent foundations are designed with closely-spaced slats and provide more direct support to counter your body weight pushing down. Older box springs that were designed for spring mattresses usually have one supporting beam down the middle of the bed, which causes the mattress to sag on the sides. We also do not recommend split box springs, which can also cause sagging.

  • What Set Up Do You Recommend?

    The Morphiis mattress can work with all standard foundations; however, you want as much direct support under the mattress as possible. Unless you are putting the mattress directly on the floor, we recommend a more modern and rigid foundation. Platform beds offer the most support. A slatted base with gaps between the slats should be no more than three inches apart. Platform beds provide the most support. However, you can most likely use your existing bed setup.

  • Do I Need to Flip the Mattress?

    No. You can turn the mattress 180 degrees while keeping the sleep-side up, but NEVER flip it. The Morphiis mattress is bi-directional which means you can install it with either end at the head of the bed.